He’s a Pop[e]ular Guy

Many Catholics have known for quite a while that Pope Francis is very different from the past popes: he serves as an advocate for young Catholics and is working to bring the church further into the 21st century. He has led the church through the topic of gay marriage by advocating love to those who are different, denies that having many children is what “good Catholic couples” do, and now is even reaching out to women who have had abortions. Many people seem to only talk about women who are considering abortions, or even just the act itself; however, Pope Francis has decided to address the women who have previously had this medical procedure performed on them. Instead of condeming them for what the church considers a sin, he has offered what he calls a “Year of Mercy” for women seeking forgiveness and help. By doing so, he has continued his trend of furthering the mercy and love the church will spread. This Year of Mercy gives preists the ability to forgive women of their sin of abortion, which usually a Bishop would have to do.

(Note: Before anyone reading this get up in arms about how women’s rights, put yourself in the view of someone within the faith.)

Pope Francis is an amazing guy. He knows that many women believe that abortion is their only option when they are pregnant, and that they may regret this choice or feel bad about it later. Even though abortion is a sin, many Catholics do get the procedure. I have always loved confession and being able to get my sins forgiven- leaving the church knowing that every sin I’ve made is forgiven and my slate is wiped clean is one of the best feelings I could have. I could not imagine leaving confession without that feeling. As a women, I feel like even if you did not want the baby you would feel some sort of emotional damage after an abortion. There is a motherly instinct in all of us (even if kids terrify you, like they do with me), and that would probably kick in a little bit some time after. Even though I am sure many Catholics are up in arms about this, I approve. I do not believe this will make women feel as though it’s “okay” to get an abortion; It only spreads the word that the Catholic faith is one made out of love. Pope Francis is leading Catholics around the world by his example. He has often told people that the doors of the church will always be open to anyone, regardless of how they sin and what they do. This is such a beautiful thing that isn’t always said in this time. Many believe Christians hate those that have different ideals, but the newest Pope is spreading the word that is really is okay. Regardless of what you are like everyone is a sinner; therefore we must always show love and compassion to everyone. I’m happy to say that this man is trying to change what the world believes of our faith, and he is once again headed a step in the right direction.

Article here: http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/01/europe/pope-francis-abortion/index.html


4 thoughts on “He’s a Pop[e]ular Guy

  1. Maddie,
    I have to agree with you about Pope Francis. I am not a catholic, nor was I raised one, but through the news and everything recently I can say I admire what this guy is doing. He understands where society is going, and his advocacy for topics like climate change and the acceptance of others really allow him to stand out. He came to the US this week, and he has gathered crowds of many different people. Most weren’t even catholic; and some were not religious at all! That should say something.

    His message of peace, and unity is truly inspiring. Speaking before our Congress, and the mass crowds about issues he cares about, and issues we as a country should care about, has made me really admire this Pope. While I may not agree with him on some issues, like you said, I can understand the perspective of a person of catholic faith, and faith in general.

    Great Post!


  2. I. Love. Pope. Francis. I’m not Catholic — I’m not even religious at all — but I know a good Christian when I see one. He’s starting to bring the focus of the Church back to humanitarianism and helping the sick and the poor, instead of focusing on divisive issues that ignore the plights of so many. Take, for instance, his washing the feet of prisoners, or him kissing the head of a man with disfiguring neurofibromatosis: he’s the physical manifestation of “God is Love.” His calls for economic and environmental justice are also encouraging, as any development in that realm will surely help the millions of Catholics living in poverty and regions susceptible to climate change in the near future. I also wonder what people outside of Europe and the US think about him; it seems like all of the criticism we (or at least I) hear comes from white conservatives. That being said, I look forward to the hearing more about his visit to the US.

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